"The Art and Science of Web Design" for free 07Jul05

Screenshot: veen.com/PDF-Document

Jeffrey Veen made a original PDF proof of his book "The Art and Science of Web Design" available as download.

"I wrote The Art and Science of Web Design five years ago. That doesn't seem like all that long ago, really, but when I recently paged through the book I was pleasantly surprised to find just how much had changed. When I started writing the book in the winter of 1999, there were no large-scale commercial sites built with standards-based markup. Every single design decision we made factored the dial-up experience. Personal home pages were still a handcrafted-html effort; blogs had only barely emerged on the scene.
But like I said, much has changed in five years. While much of the book holds ideas I still adamantly profess today, it's wrapped in an historical context that is tough to get past. In fact, the book feels most valuable to me as a way of marking the progress we've made since it was published.

So have a look through the book. I've made the original PDF proof available as a 3.4 megabyte download"

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