The Design of Sites. Patterns for Creating Winning Websites

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Praise for the second edition of The Design of Sites “In my worldwide IBM marketing role, I have the benefit of working with some of the finest international interactive agencies and internal Web teams. As I read The Design of Sites, [I see] the insight from years of professional advice has been put to paper. Nowhere have I seen such a practical, effective, and easy-to-use book to solve and avoid Internet design issues. I keep a copy of the book handy to remind me of the things I forgot and to gain fresh perspectives. It never fails to deliver.” -John Cilio, marketing manager, IBM System x & z Storage Synergy “The Design of Sites artfully brings forward the original intent of Christopher Alexander’s pattern language into the user experience design arena. It is a valuable and comprehensive reference.” -George Hackman, Jr., senior director of User Experience for User Interface Guidelines, Patterns and Standards, Oracle Corporation”The Design of Sites is one of the best tools I have in my usability toolbox. [These] Web UI design patterns make it easy for me to show my clients how to get the most usability bang for their buck.”-Claudia Alden Case, usability consultant and interaction designer

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Schon der Vorgänger dieses Buches “Design of Sites: Patterns, Principles, and Processes for Crafting a Customer-Centered Web Experience” war lesenswert. Er beinhaltet u.a. nützliche Beschreibungen von anerkannten Bedienmustern für eCommerce Webseiten mit prominenten Beispielen. Mein Fazit: Nützlich und empfehlenswert.


van Duyne , D. K. / Landay, J. / Hong, J. (2006): The Design of Sites, Prentice Hall

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