Moleskine Icons

Screenshot: You can download notebook icons on the website of Moleskin, the manufacturer of great note- and sketchbooks: „I’m happy to announce the availability of these icons for your Mac. They are great to sit on your desktop in their largest sizes. When you drag a file and hover Weiterlesen…

Icon „MARS“

icon designer, year John Grantham, 2004 design-company Grantham Design software, version MARS icon meaning toolbar icons, MARS (Mindawn Audio Ripping Software) is a Software for ripping CDs into Ogg Vorbis and FLAC format

Icon „keyhole“

icon designer, year Jairo Boudewyn, 2005 design-company keyhole software, version keyhole, 2.x icon meaning application icon, Keyhole is the 3D digital earth pioneer�the only company to deliver a 3D digital model of the entire earth via the Internet.