Icon Design

Futurama Vol. 1

Screenshot: iconfactory.com 9 Futurama Icons mady by Gedeon Maheux at iconfactory.com: “The Planet Express Crew in icon form 8/16/2005” Internetverweis iconfactory: Futurama Vol. …

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New IE 7 Icon

Screenshot: blogs.msdn.com At “The Microsoft Internet Explorer Weblog” you can see the new Internet Explorer 7 Logo. “Hopefully, by now you’ve seen from …

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Icon “Stylemaster”

icon designer, year Jon Hicks, 2005 design-company westciv.com software, version Stylemaster 4.02 icon meaning application icon, CSS Software

Icon “trash”

icon designer, year Everaldo Coelho, 2005 design-company everaldo.com software, version ?,? icon meaning application icon, trash

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