Standard for usability test reports

Caroline Jarrett gives us a chance to influence a new common industry format for reports of formative usability tests.


What do you think about international standards such as ISO 13407 or ISO 9000? Necessary but dull? Expensive but important? Irrelevant to daily life?
I’m not going to pretend that these documents are ever going to compete with Harry Potter or the Da Vinci Code for the public’s attention as light reading. But a standard can be really helpful in guiding us towards appropriate professional practice (that’s ‘doing things properly’ in plain English). I’ve also found that certain clients with engineering or bureaucratic tendencies respond really well to the idea that ‘we’re following a standard’.
So I’m delighted to report on progress that’s being made on a standard for usability test reports, to be precise ‘a common industry format for reports of formative usability tests’.
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