The Humane Interface

Amazons Beschreibung

Aptly subtitled “New Directions for Designing Interactive Systems”, The Humane Interface is essentially an introduction to a new school of the craft of semiotics. Although the author doesn’t use this specific term, The Human Interface, the book explores the intelligent design of efficient signs and symbols for the “conversation” between man and computer. The book deals with many types of conceptual devices we use, both to find our way to a piece of data or program function, and to set parameters for searches or other commands, investigating the various strategies used, evaluating them and proposing new, more powerful yet less complicated interfaces.
The author introduces new tactics for communicating information, both inward to and outward from a computer–but does not confine this overview to computers. Also under inspection are leads and displays on digital tools such as the oscillograph and the dials of technological commonplaces like the VCR that graces your living room.

Meine Meinung

This Book is really recommendable. GUI-Design from the apple point of view with interesting examples. But Raskin refers in every chapter to his apple projects – sometimes this is too much. Nevertheless it’s easy to read.


Raskin, J. (2000): �The Humane Interface – New Directions for Designing Interactive Systems�, Boston / San Francisco / New York: Addison-Wesley

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