Tiled Browsing

(Screenshot: sapdesignguild.org)

Gerd Waloszek vom SAP User Experience Team spricht in seinem Artikel auf sapdesignguild.org über eine verbesserte Nutzung des Bildschirmplatzes für die Darstellung von Webseiten auf großen Bildschirmen:
“To sum up, what do users gain by buying large or wide screens? With respect to Websites, users gain more advertising – which was probably not their intention. The only way to avoid some of the advertising is to make the browser window narrower but resizing windows is cumbersome, and the advertising is often inserted into the header (as figure 3 shows).
With so much screen space, we might have several browser windows open in parallel. But resizing and arranging all these windows is even more cumbersome. Which leads me to a design proposal: Some browsers offer “tabbed” browsing for faster switching between Websites. But this does not exploit the power of large displays because we can only see one Website at a time. So, what about “tiled” browsing? With tiled windows, you can have two or more Web pages next to each other, that is, view them in parallel. If you like you can split the windows vertically, too, either at the same height, or at different heights for each column.”


The Blessings of Large Displays

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