The Elements of User Experience

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The field of “user experience” bridges the gap between business strategy and web page design through the use of a variety of analytical tools to understand and meet user needs. By emphasizing the relationship between strategic considerations and design directions, this book serves as the conceptual framework within which readers will make decisions about the user experience of their own web projects. Based on Garrett’s original “Elements of User Experience” diagram, the book walks readers through the five planes of the diagram, explaining each area of concern, how it relates to other areas, common methods and approaches for addressing each area, and resources for more information. And because the book’s approach is expressly non-technical (but not dumbed-down)- designed as a primer rather than an encyclopedia-it will be accessible and appealing to a broader readership than most web design books.


Garrett, J. J. (2002): The Elements of User Experience, New Riders

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