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Napoleons March

In 1993 Thomas Knieper found out that the editorial staff of daily newspapers see the potential of information graphics as additional source of information. Most of the editors of the 78 editorial offices asked have a big interest in using information graphics to inform their readers.
In 1994 he started a second questioning to compare these results with the needs of the readers. He asked 500 readers with different social background and age.
60% of the readers said, that they understand facts better if information graphics were used to explain the facts. Most of the readers asked think that quantitative facts should be always visualized with information graphics .
read more in:
Knieper, Thomas(1995): “Infographiken : Das visuelle Informationspotential der Tageszeitung.” München: Verlag Bernhard Fischer. 1995. (Medien-SKRIPTEN, Bd
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