Interface Design for Xbox 360

screenshot: xbox interface

By reason of the last fair E³ i found some interesting information on about the new interface in the xbox360, it`s worth to read it!
“AKQA, a global interactive marketing agency, has collaborated with Microsoft to create the striking new console game interface at the heart of the Xbox 360, the most powerful next-generation game and entertainment system. The interface, which includes the Xbox Dashboard and Xbox Guide, combines simplicity and ease-of-use with cutting edge design to deliver a fast, integrated, intuitive and modular experience.
“The Xbox 360 user interface provides an elegant way to take total control of Xbox 360 quickly and easily. The exciting reaction from customers during usability sessions worldwide highlights the power of the Xbox 360, its universal interface and design working seamlessly,” said Russ Glaser Group UI Design Manager at Xbox.
To arrive at the new Xbox 360 player interface, Microsoft and AKQA formed a multidisciplinary team of user experience, interaction design, user insight and behavior specialists, who built several functioning prototypes, working hand-in-hand with the Xbox 360 industrial design team. In-depth testing of the prototypes followed, with immersive workshops, usability sessions and interviews with customers taking place worldwide. The prototypes were then refined and re-tested.
About AKQA:
Founded in 1995, AKQA is a recognized pioneer and innovator. Through its collaborative work with market leaders such as Microsoft, Nike, BMW, Sky Interactive and Orange, AKQA has established itself as the worldwide leader in insightful user-interface, digital product design and e-commerce solutions. AKQA has 350 employees worldwide with offices in London, San Francisco, New York, Washington D.C. and Singapore.
About Xbox 360:
Xbox 360 is the future-generation video game and entertainment system that places you at the center of the experience. Available this holiday in North America, Europe and Japan, Xbox 360 will ignite a new era of digital entertainment that is always connected, always personalized and always in high definition.
Xbox, Xbox 360, and the Xbox logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp.”

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