LensCrafters My Look Magic Mirror: Brille shoppen mal anders

SapientNitro hat es mit dem Konzept “LensCrafters My Look Magic Mirror” unter die Gewinner bei den International Design for Experience Awards geschafft und zeigt mit einer sehr praxisnahen Lösung, wie Brillenshopping aussehen könnte:

As anyone who wears glasses can tell you, shopping for a new pair can be a frustrating experience. Glasses are one of the few purchases that define how you look. But when you try them on in store, you can’t truly see how you look through the plastic lenses of the store frames.

LensCrafters, an eyewear retailer, wanted to help their customers feel more confident in their choice of frames—resulting in fewer returns and a happier customer. And we recognized an opportunity to reimagine what a mirror could do to aid in choice.

My Look is a custom-built, digital mirror installation designed to shift the paradigm of the eyewear shopping experience. Customers can capture photos of themselves in new frames, and then view them while wearing their current prescription.

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LensCrafters My Look Magic Mirror

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